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I am worried to death.

First and foremost, thank you for being patient and understanding individuals for taking the time to answer/ provide support to people like me.

I am 25 years of age, in a 3 year relationship with my girlfriend. However some time back, things weren't so good between us. On Feb 19th, I visited a shemale escort. I gave her oral sex, which i felt a small amount of precum released into my mouth. I swallowed and after our session i gargled/ rinsed with soap. We had protected anal sex, both ways. After our session I noticed I had a little blister (or another legit medical term) on the back of my right molar (located on the gum). It wasn't bleeding, it was rather healing actually, more like I brushed too hard when I was brushing my teeth a couple of days back, just a scrape on the gum. I proceeded to check when I got home if it was bleeding, and it was not.

The next day, 20th Feb, I fell sick with a sore throat and mild fever that lasted 3 days. I have chronic sore throat (tonsillitis), happens once every few months. I got worried so upon reading up, I was told that HIV symptoms don't show up so soon. I was up and good and I have been feeling good since then till date.

March 20th and 21st, I had oral sex with my gf (she swallowed). On the morning of the 24th, she fell ill, with a bad migraine lasting 2-3 days, as well as getting down with a fever and mild diarrhoea. She has chronic migraines but usually never lasting more than 4-5 hours. It was passed down to her from family genetics. She's okay now, the whole episode probably lasted about 4-5 days.

Hence, you can understand my worry. I love this woman a lot, and I would be damned if I had passed any sort of virus to her. I took the courage to test myself with the EZ-Trust RAPID ANTI-HIV (1&2) TEST kit. I bought 2 kits and tested both on the 27th of March, almost 5 weeks after that stupid encounter. I tested Negative with both kits.

I have not told anyone about this incident. I am constantly paranoid and worried and it's getting to my head. I am getting suicidal thoughts, how selfish could I have been to have done something so wrong and to have an innocent individual suffer because of my actions.

Any form of advice of opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Please help me.
Thank you.
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Since you mentioned protected anal sex both ways, your concern is NOT HIV
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Thank you for your prompt reply.
But what about the small amount of precum?

Also, my girlfriend fell terribly ill (migraine, fever, diarrhoea) just 3-4 days after having oral sex with me. Possible ARS? Seroconversion?

I am just very paranoid that I may have passed something onto her :(
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HIV is not transmitted by oral sex.
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Thank you for your reply Teak.
I am worried though as my girlfriend has fallen ill for about 4-5 days just 3-4 days after we had oral sex.

Perhaps it's paranoia talking, but it seems to be getting into my head. I'm very worried :(
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I am still very paranoid and worried. My girlfriend fell ill just 3-4 days after having oral sex with me. I understand that most sites state ARS or seroconversion takes place 2+ weeks after infection, but I have read a few instances where it happens just a week after infection. The following is a list of her illness starting Monday:

Migraine: Monday - Wednesday
Fever: Tuesday - Thursday
Mild diarrhoea: Thursday - Friday (Ongoing but improving)

Hence I keep wondering if I did this to her. I did not fall terribly ill, only the next day after my possible exposure where I had sore throat and a slight fever. 5 weeks later i tested negative with the EZ Trust home kit.

Sigh I can't seem to shake this off me :(
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My apologies.

I shall be within my limit and adhere to forum R&R

Thank you.
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Just updating my situation for the benefit of other readers out there.
I took an EZ Trust rapid home test and tested negative at: Week 5,6,7.

My bloodwork for Western Blot Assay (week 6) came as "Not detected" for all the measurable criteria with interpretation of Negative for Hiv-1 and Hiv-2 status.

I am fairly confident of my results and I assume many would say my results are conclusive.
My advise to all of you out there, please stay safe. Life isn't all about "You Only Live Once (YOLO)". You live everyday, and you live everyday with the mistakes you make.
Value your life. If any of you would need a friend to talk to, please feel free to message me. I had a similar kind soul that assisted me by talking to me on this forum, and he similarly tested negative as well.

Rest assured, I'm going back to being a good kid now :)
My best wishes to all of you out there, stay safe!
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