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I tested Negative at 45 days HIV duo test. Can it change to positive at my 12 weeks

First thanks for all MEDHELP does for us and the volunteers. I know I have posted before but I have had very weird symptoms. I will be taking my 12 week test tomorrow, will get my results in a couple of days. I have tested Negative at 6 weeks 4th generation test. My risk was the CSW worker had blood in her hands and she put condom on me. I feel she did it intentionally to try to infect but I was too drunk. Can I expect a negative result  
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You had no risk because you used a condom. Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV. Only risk factor (yours is Zero) and test results, which doesn't apply to you because you were not exposed to HIV, are used to determine whether someone is infected. Go see a doctor if you're not feeling well but HIV has already been conclusively ruled out since you were never exposed in the first place.
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Let’s say she Intentionally put blood inside the condom, is my 4th generation test at 45 days conclusive. Is my test tomorrow likely to change to positive at 12 weeks. I am already seeing a counselor for this issue and it’s kind of helping but I’m still afraid for tomorrow’s test
You're not thinking rationally. People don't walk around with HIV positive blood to infect people. Only someone with significantly advanced delusions would think this would happen in reality. I urge you to keep working with your therapist, perhaps make your appointments more frequently, in order to help you overcome this irrational thinking. You don't have an HIV problem, you have a mental problem and that is outside of the scope of the type of advice offered here.
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