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I think it was protected

I had protected sex from what I saw with a prostitute wasn’t high class, the condom didn’t break or rip but I can’t be totally sure as I didn’t examine it. She also is the one who supplied it.
I went to a Psychiatric Nurse to get prescribed depression/ anxiety medication because i was getting anxiety from the possibility of maybe being exposed, though I’ve had anxiety forever.  Long story short I took a home oraquick 4.5 months out after the incident  and it was negative which I told her about. She insisted I go get tested with blood test to be sure I wasn’t exposed and seemed to not have much knowledge about the home oraquick test or that it even exists Do You guys think I need another test or does she not know what she’s talking about?
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1.  You would have known if the condom broke.  It is VERY obvious and does not require examination as there will be a large hole/rip.
2.  She doesn't know what she's talking about.  Oraquick is conclusive any time 90 days or more after the encounter.  However, you didn't even have a risk to begin with.

Forget about this event and move on.
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Thanks for the reply. It’s been a while since my situation almost 2 years but I did test around 4.5 months after.
years later I’m starting to feel  peripheral neuropathy symptoms in my hands and feet “pins and needles” that come and go.  Just starting to get a little worried now.   I just Wonder is this a symptom?  Did I develop aids in 2 years?  From reading other people’s post “symptoms” are not used to diagnose.  I can’t help but wonder if I should have gotten more testing.
Since you had no risk, it is a waste of your time to keep working up impossible scenarios like hiv. nosed symptoms are often just in your imagination, so the first step is to see a doc to determine if a problem exists. If you have a medical problem you should see a doctor for a diagnosis, instead of wasting any more time pretending you could have the one disease you can't have.
self-diagnosed symptoms are often just in your imagination,
Thanks for the reply it’s more when I sleep and wake up my hands or one hand is asleep.  It wakes up when I move it.. it’s just alarming. I guess I’ll have to look into it.
Only a doc can diagnose it for you, so I hope you don't waste 2 more years doing guesses on your own.
Agreed, I haven’t looked too far into it because it just started happening which is why I thought between my incident and this situation there may have been a link to hiv as the cause. Totally understand a doc needs to be the one to diagnose it not me.  Was just curious of what everyone’s thoughts were on the matter.
"I had protected sex"

It starts and ends right at it. You never had a risk. Condoms protect against transmission of HIV.

You were advised by CurfewX that condom breakages are evident, the fact that you are guessing a condom failure only means that you have nothing to worry because if you use condoms quite often, you would know that when it fails, the whole thing rips, it's certainly very hard to not notice.

Perhaps, you are here only because of your anxiety and we don't do that here, we are specific to HIV prevention and you don't have a concern that belongs here. Please see a therapist, if you are unable to stop worrying about this.
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