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I would like to know whats happening to me

I am a male, 24. For about 2 months now, I have been in a relationship with a 32 years old lady and we have constantly been involved in sexual activities like everyday till date since the first week of December 2009. The first time we had sex, the condom broke and it took about 5 to 7 seconds to realize that and I withdrew from her. I was so terrified and scared. I talk to her about it because I don't know her HIV status. She told me not to worry and that she had a test done 2 months before we met. That gave me a little confident. We continued constantly with condom and lubricant for a while until one night we were both drunk and we engaged in an unprotected anal sex and virginal sex. After that I went mad and blamed myself despite the fact I had condoms in the room but the alcohol had an influence but never the less, its not an excuse. After that I was complaining to her and asking her too many questions at a time which was embarrassing to her. We both decided to go conduct an HIV test. We went the next day to have the next done and we were asked to come for the result the next day.  I couldn't sleep through out the night. The morning came and it was about  minus six degree Celsius(-6) that morning but I was sweating. Just like we went together to do the test, we went together to pick up the result too. She took hers first and opened it and it came out negative and immediately, i opened mine and it was also negative. I was very happy. But presently at the moment, I have some pimpled-like rash like bumps in private region and I extracted one of it and I had puss coming out from it. This has never happened to me before. And I have never had an unprotected sex before. Please can someone tell me something but this bumps I have in my private region scares the hell out of me.
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After we had the test done and got the result, We decided to be faithful to each other and we stopped using condoms till date and I am sure she is not having sex with anyone except me and same for me too. Please can someone explain why I have bump-like swollens in my private region?
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See a doctor.
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