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Ingestion of Breast Milk

Sir I went to a pub where i sat with comfort woman. 1. No sex oral, vaginal or anal 2. Sucked woman breasts multiple times, she was lactating and i ingested liitle milk 3. The woman licked my penis over my jeans, no direct contact. 4. We engaged in foreplay and kissing, we licked each others tongue. What is the scope of STI and HIV especially from ingesting milk
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Zero, Zilch, Nada.

Not a risk for HIV transmission, no need to test, please move on.
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Thanks Mike.
I read in some website over the internet that if mouth sores  are present the ingestion of breast milk can be a risk. I checked myself, I do not seem to have any. But is there any documented cases of adult transmission from breast milk.
No, even with presence of mouth sores, no risk that can be associated. There is no such data available as you described, I am confident, you are misunderstanding something.
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