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Insertive Condom break male2male seroconverting after 5 days

Had a brief encounter with a guy said to be negative. Was the top then condom broke pulled out 5-10 seconds inside
But had a risk and I am sure I just got it
Having symptoms after 5 days, for sure I'll test positive
4 day after- Fatigue
6 day - had hot flashes, was sweating also due to infection
8 day- thrush or candida, mucus in stools,
10 day felt- chills during the day,
11 day - some chills again, and lost some weight cause of exercise and
Felt different, weak also,
12 day- chills still there and felt ok ,
13 day- insomnia, and still chills or hot flashes
Today just feel chills or hot flashes during the day
I am really 100% percent sure I contracted HIV but why did I get symptoms early
And with all this had anxiety, some weight loss, panic attacks, nervous, stressed and scared
I am ready to go to a doctor
That's all and my tempature the highest is 98.6
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I need Your help Seriously, this just happened 2 week ago
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You are mistaren me, i am someone el se
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