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Insertive oral sex with condom protected

Like many other guys asking about receiving oral sex. Some regarded sites say NO hiv risk some say little to no risk and that’s confusing. I received a protected oral sex with an unknown hiv status female and I just assume that she is hiv positive. She put a condom on mine and performed oral sex until I came in her mouth. The condom did not break but I just thought the condom was defective with a tiny hole I could not see. Would her saliva with infected blood travel back to my penis through the hole and infect me? Thank you.
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There is no risk in protected oral sex or even unprotected oral sex. To date, there has not been a proven, documented case of HIV from oral sex.  Experts agree it may be a tiny theoretical risk but in practical worlds, it just doesn't happen.  Two things inactivate the virus, air and saliva.  Both are present during oral sex.  You do not need to worry about this as it was not a risk in any way.

The only risks are unprotected vaginal or anal, penetrating intercourse or sharing IV drug needles.  Don't engage in that activity, and you will never have to worry about HIV.
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Very loud and clear. Thank you.
Let me know if I am correct since there is NO documented case of hiv infection through insertive oral sex in history that already included those incidents with receptive partners with blood, sore or cuts etc in mouths
Not a risk. Testing is not necessary.
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No risk.
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