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Is 75days oraquick results conclusive.

I had unprotected sex with a csw. After I have had body pains and night sweats and numbness in feet and finger. I have also had sex with my girlfriend. She vomited after 2 weeks and said she felt tired.

I have done blood test at 15 days, finger prick rapid test at 58day. Me and my girlfriend did finger prick test at 78day. All these are negative. The nurse says we can come back in 3 months. I still have the numbness and occasionally cold. The nurse think its anxiety and a test at 90days wont be any different.

Pls what can I do. So scared to take another test. Now 94days
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You risk was low and it's improbable that your 78 days negative will change.

Since you are using a home testing kit / finger prick test, it is advisable to get a final one at 90 days, I foresee a negative.
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