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Is it possible to contract an STD from wearing a used pad picked from the garbage?

A friend of mine has a strange addiction. He has a job as a janitor, so with that duty comes cleaning the sanitary waste disposal in the women’s room. However, he keeps the used pads and tampons for masturbation purposes. He claims they induce “the strongest orgasms possible” when he wears them and sniffs them. I am concerned for his safety regarding STDs. I have brought the danger to his attention many times, but he claims there is a little to no risk in catching any diseases. Is there any truth to his words and what are his chances of catching any STDs( HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphillis etc) from doing this? I have a feeling the chances may be lower than having sex with someone who has an STD since the fluids have come in contact with air outside the body, but there would still be a risk of course.
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I do my very best to judge no one who posts here and I'm not judging your friend but THAT is truly gross. It sounds like a bit of a psychological problem and as his friend, I'd tell him this directly.  Collecting strangers dirty, discarded menstrual pads and tampons is something to talk to a professional about especially since you term it 'an addiction'.  For the sake of HIV, since you've posted on the HIV forum, there is ZERO risk of HIV.  HIV is transmitted in known and specific ways that include having unprotected (without condom) vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV needles to inject drugs with.  That is it. Air inactivates the virus.  Old dirty pads and tampons will not transmit HIV.  STDs are not spread by handshakes, hugs, toilet seats, towels, dishes, telephone receivers, or insect bites.  That list will include sanitary items.  
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I must agree; I am quite concerned for his mental health.
There's a lot of weirdness in the world when it comes to sex, and I can't really go where your friend is going.  But while STDs aren't the problem, a lot of other diseases can be.  
Do note though that std's and hiv are NOT diseases you can get.  Pathogens that cause infection can be harbored on dirty pads and tampons and you'd have to ask a doctor about hepatitis.  But your friend does not need to worry about std's or hiv. I do think it is an excellent idea to push your friend to get some psychological help.
Indeed, his fetish is beyond weird and quite disgusting honestly. Thank you for the responses and input.
I thought I'd heard just about everything by now, but this is a new one for me. I agree with the advice everyone has offered as regards the risk factors, but the etiology of this behavior is way above my pay grade. I would agree that gently suggesting his behavior might benefit from psychological intervention, I would also advise treading those waters carefully. We don't judge people on this forum, but personally I find his aberrant behavior not just gross and disgusting, but a tad on the scary side. This might be a sort of "cop out" answer, but perhaps it would be best if you just leave this subject alone when you're around him.....I might also encourage you to post to one of our mental health forums. Since we have ruled out his risk for HIV and STD's, I think most of us are now at a loss as to how to help you help your friend. We all wish you the best with this very unusual situation.
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