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Is my 33 day HIV Duo test conclusive?

Hey all. I had unprotected sex with a csw a few months ago and after that encounter started becoming very very anxious abt HIV to the point that I ruined my jaw by clenching it so much.

1. 2 weeks after the experience I developed a rash (very itchy red skin no bumps with flaking skin in the AM) which my derma attributed to new kojic acid soap I used. I told her about my HIV anxiety and she said the rash did not resemble an ARS rash. Would you all agree?

2. I started feeling very dizzy 3 weeks post exposure to the point that my doctor diagnosed me with vertigo.

3. Coinciding with the dizziness i felt muscle pain in my shoulders thay lasted one week. I feel like i hurt myself at the gym because i worked out while having nausea. Attributing the dizziness and muscle pain to ARS could just have been in my head do you agree?

4. I tested negative at 33 days with a duo test. Is this conclusive?
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Although unprotected vagina is a risk,however your negative DUO test at 33 days is conclusive,that your not infected.
Stay safe,always use a condom just incase.
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