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Is my test conclusive?? Or i should be tested again

I had unprotected vaginal and oral sex with HIV+ female then at week 7 I had this very bad fever , malaise , joint pain and sore throat and i still think im having thrush but multiple sites said otherwise anyways i went to get tested at week 10 by 3rd generation Antibody test and the result was negative my anxiety came back and now i only feel my white dry mouth and back acne are my only symptoms the important thing was my test conclusive or should i do it again at week 12 and what are the odds of 10 week negative turn to 12 positive?
Thanks in advance
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Odds of your 10 weeks negative changing ahead is so low, that it is almost close to impossible.

Some reputed experts even claim III Gen to be conclusive at 42 days. Next time wear a jimmy, you don't dodge a bullet every time.
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Seven weeks after exposure is too late for ARS to appear. Besides, symptoms are never used to diagnose HIV. Only risk factor and subsequent test results matter.

Unprotected vaginal sex is a risk. And your 10 week test is very promising but not conclusive. You'll need to wait 12 weeks for a conclusive result unless you can get a 4th generation ag/ab test done earlier. It's unlikely that you'd test positive at this point but if you want to have conclusive results with the test you've been using, it will need 12 weeks.
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Your tests are highly assuring that you don't have HIV, I will wait for the experts to comment. You should be happy.
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Thank you man you really made me feel better waiting for profissional answer
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