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Is oral without ejaculation safer?


I used to give unprotected oral and take the ejaculation in my mouth, I read that this was a low risk for hiv if you have gum disease, so I stopped doing that since my gums are often inflamed, however recently I gave oral again, but without ejaculation. I think his precum went in in my mouth. Would the oral without ejaculation, and only precum be a safer alternative? Was I at any risk?
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Oral sex is not a risk for HIV transmission. Saliva inhibits the virus, having cuts, scrapes or bad oral health, nothing changes the fact as stated above - I repeat, oral Sex is not a risk.
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Thanks! I assume this includes unprotected oral, correct? I did not use condoms while giving the blow job.
Yes. Oral sex i.e unprotected oral with or without cum or precum isnt a risk for hiv .
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