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Is this ars and do I need testing?

On June first had unprotected vaginal sex with woman of unknown status and performed oral on her for maybe five minutes and sex was maybe five minutes as well unprotected! I'm am white male as she is white as well. June 9th woke up and had swollen tongue on right side and swollen lymph node on right side as well with headache, fatigue and achy joints! No fever sore throat or rash! Does this sound like ars and should I be tested?
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Do not pay attention towards symptoms, they are confusing and misleading in most of the cases. You had unprotected sex with someone of unknown health status, you exposed yourself to the risk.

The only way to rule out your infection is a test, HIV Duo test ( 4th generation Antibody + Antigen) done after 4 weeks of the exposure. Symptoms will not tell you anything
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Thank you for the reply! In your opinion does this even sound like ars lymph swelling or is one node in the neck with tenderness not really something to worry about as far as hiv ? I am a worry wart as well!
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Thank u for your reply! Does one swollen node in neck even suggest hiv ars or am I just being a worry wart?
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Virginal sex is a mild risky activity.
Oral sex contains a very low risk.
You should get HIV RNA test and other STD's tomorrow and another test at 90 days mark.
HIV is not determined through symptoms. Dont google it, it'll give you stress thats all.

Testing is the best way to determine the status. Hetrosexual activity is very safe and HIV is not transmitted that easily. SO CHILL.

Use latex condom next time and stay safe
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Thank you very much! I know I need to chill but give scares me! The way they preach it's easy to catch heterosexually
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Thanks friend! Just had swollen nodes on both sides of the neck that hurt and feel like they are burning and ears hurt and nodes are tender! Very tired! This all popped up nine days after encounter and scared me into thinking it was ars!
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