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Kissing and tongue contact HIV risk

Let me start of by telling you guys that this isn't the first time that I am writing to you guys. You have been a great help in the past with my HIV related fears and I thank you for all that.

So this is as it happened. I once again made the stupid mistake of having sex with a CSW in the island resort of Bali, Indonesia on November 14, 2015.

The vaginal sex was condom protected and so was the oral she performed on me. However, while making out with her our tongues bumped into each others for a couple of seconds and I immediately moved away.

My fears arise out of the fact that my gums bleed every now and then a little after brushing. Is this situation an HIV risk and does it warrant testing?

I was last tested in September and the results were negative. Is touching of the tongues a risky activity with regards to HIV?

Regards and Gratitude,
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No risk
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Thanks for the response Vance. Its very reassuring to hear from you well informed people.

However since yesterday, which would be the fifteenth day from exposure, I have been running a high fever that's worrying me.

Does ARS happen only with fever and no other symptom?

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Kissing is not a risk.
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