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Kissing blood

I am a gay man . I kissed another man of Unkoen status . He had braces and maybe bleeding  gums because I think I tasted blood .

After 3 weeks I had a fever of 99 for 2 days .

I am worried I may be at hiv risk and been very anxious . Please advise .

I have NoT had anal or oral sex.
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Yes, you asked about this previously and the answer hasn't changed. I understand how anxiety may be affecting you. Kind of gets you in a loop of thought that doesn't allow you to really take on the answer.  I think education in some places can be lacking on HIV and transmission.  But this is a moderated site and the answers here are guided by doctors who specialize in HIV.  This is why I am confident in telling you that you had no risk from kissing another man with braces and blood if that was present.  Saliva inactivates the virus as does air. The only way people get HIV is to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share IV drug needles. There is no risk whatsoever.  And the temperature you are reporting is not considered a fever.

So, let's talk about anxiety.  Is there much of a mental health system where you are located at?  This is a really treatable condition.  I'd say if anxiety impacts your life and you are constantly worried, it would be a good thing to talk to your doctor about it.
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Yes agreed . But the cdc says that kissing with blood is low risk . That just got me worried
The CDC is overly conservative despite it not happening in 40 years of hiv history. How useless is that advice? It has been calculated that you run the same risk of a meteorite killing you. You don't worry that will happen because you can't spend the day worrying abou theoretical risks.
. You had real risk of Covid yet you ignore that and are worrying about something that won't happen.
Thanks a lot . I just had one question .

How do we know that hiv has never spread through kissing ?
I mean people who have unprotected sex also kiss , so how do we know if hiv was spread through the unprotected sex or kissing in such persons ?
Think logically about what you're asking, and you'll realize the opposite is also true.  Since the inception of HIV, trillions of people have kissed WITHOUT having unprotected sex, and none of them got HIV.

Billions of dollars have been poured into HIV research, worldwide.  The routes of transmission are well-studied and well-known at this point.  You are not going to magically come up with a plausible theory that no scientist has ever thought of.
So I don’t need to get tested right ? I am in India and even getting a test done Is risky at the moment because of covid . Thanks  a lot
There's no reason to test for HIV since you were never exposed to HIV.
You ran a risk for Covid yet you ignored that. Testing for the disease you didn't run a risk for makes no sense.
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99 is not a fever. At this point your anxiety is a bit of a mental health issue so seek therapy for it.

All you need to know about hiv prevention is in the last thread. In fact this post is about your encounter in the last thread.
Instructions were given so you would always be able to determine if you had a risk. Namely, reread about the 3 "then after you say "No, I didn't" you will know that it's time to move on back to your happy life."

In case it is unclear, I will answer the question for you - the answer to all of your questions is No I didn't have any risk. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Hiv-kissing-blood-/show/3063091
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Hi anxiousnomore. Thanks for your reply . However what I read on the cdc website is a bit different and they said that kissing with blood is low risk . That had really got me worrroed and confused
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