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Lancet Solid Pin Reused

diabetic lancet (solid needle) reused by mistake with in a minute used by other person. I dont know the HIV status of that person and i am thinking a lot if he was HIV +ve then i Am at risk ?  
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Only hollow needles have the potential to protect the HIV inside them from the air outside which effectively kills Hiv instantly, so even if your claim about re-use was true then it can't contain living HIv so it can't infect you. Move on since it was a non-event.
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Thanks AnxiousNoMore for our reply.  so HIV dies and cannot maintain infection if even less than an minute  exposed to air through an small hole on lancet pricking device cap. Did i need to get tested for this incident at 3 months mark ??

I answered that question once.
You might as well test to see if the lancet made you pregnant.
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