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Lancet worry - is PeP required?

2 days back i went for a regular blood sugar test which was being conducted for free at our community. I usually check if the new needle is being used. This time the nurse got my finger pricked by what i came to know later was a lancet. Since everything happened so fast, one of the nurses was working on my blood pressure and the other one pricked my finger, i did not realize if the new lancet was used. When i later asked them, they said that new one is used every time. Still i have a doubt as i did not see them use a new one. I have 2 questions:
1. Should i go for Pep for this incident and take caution?
2. Have there been any cases of infection, particularly Hiv from the accidental reuse of lancets?
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No risk. This is a bit of an overly anxious idea that the nurse doesn't know how to do their job and needs you to guide them.

In totality, you should be more worried about dying this moment from falling off your bed while reading this response than dying due to an HIV related illness.
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So I dont need to go for Pep or take any test? This is so frustrating to understand. There were times i was putting myself at risk, now I'm concerned about the risk if the procedure was not correctly followed by the nurse.
Have there been any documented cases of people getting Hiv due to reuse of Lancet? The internet is fairly divided in its opinion on hiv risk due to lancet reuse as some doctors consider it to be a risk.
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This is a purely hypothetical fear that realistically did NOT happen.  Medical professionals aren't interested in infecting their patients and even in a community clinic setting will prevent that and will not reuse a lancet.  

Furthermore, lancets for these types of tests are single use. And the needle is not hollow making it very low risk in the worst of circumstances.

Here's an older answer from a doctor on medhelp that really lays it out for why this isn't a realistic fear or worry. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---Prevention/Can-Lancet--cause-HIV/show/1449731
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You have an unrealistic fear that you will get hiv so consider therapy because you have been wasting too much of your life with this fear. The first step to peace is to quit googling cold turkey, because the more you google, the more frightened you are becoming.
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