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Hi....everyone......Can HIV antibody be detected in elisa test if there a new group. Can It be spread by salive if it ger a cut...on my face where I have several acne sore. Or water mix with Hiv person blood or semen and if it get a cut. I had some exposure 6 month ago and test negative. But I am scared if it spread by saliva or water with semen . My cordial friend is HIV positive........
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Post is a bit confusing. Why is there semen or blood in the water? HIV is not spread via saliva or via acne spots.
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Dear Iwan25, My friend who is Hiv positive some time we drink water togather or take food using same spoon. He has gum bledding in his mouth. So I am scare , if some blood come out from his mouth and I drink that. My lips is get torn in winter. some times blood get out from my lips......some times there is cold sore in my mouth.
When my friends speak some salive get out and throw my face where many acne sore available.
I am suffering from obesession . So I feel more tension. Please answer.....
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There is no risk here. Your own saliva will destroy any active HIV virus. I'm not sure why you would want to share food with a person with a bleeding gum, and for the purposes of generic hygiene I would recommend using your own utensils. However from a HIV perspective you are not at risk, and neither can HIV be caught via acne spots.
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