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Looking for advice.

I had an exposure (msm mutual oral / receptive rimming)  middle april of last year ( 1 year 3 months Since then I have tested negative on the rapid oraquick test 8 times spaced out during this time frame with the last test being yesterday (negative). Is there a high probablility i am doing these test wrong? Can it be confirmitory at this point?  
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You keep testing negative because you never had an exposure to HIV. In an adult, the only risks for HIV transmission are unprotected anal or vaginal sex and sharing IV drug needles with infected users. Since you were never exposed to HIV, you keep testing negative. Stop taking tests for a disease that you were not at risk for.
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So i can sum it up as i need to talk to some one about my issue and try and resolve my guilt?
Yes, exactly! See? You already knew the answer but you just needed to hear someone else say it.
Thank You!
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Yes there is help available, you can reach out to a counselor in your neighborhood. A one on one session must help you in overcoming this irrational fear.  As stated by Chima7, you were never at a risk from your event.
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