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Lymph nodes

What does swollen lymph nodes feel like? I think I might have as on the right side of my neck as it is far thicker/muscular than the left one. Also, at the bottom of the right neck, there is some jelly-like substance.

I would be grateful if you can answer my query.
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What is the exposure you are worried about?
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I have severe OCD which makes matter worse. I had two exposure one on 28th April and the other on 17th June, both were not considered a risk (handjob and a needle usage by a doctor) and I got the test today and they are negative (5th Generation, NHS, finger prick) so I am not worried about it. But on 13th August, I got bleedy cuts after carrying a heavy package by the sharp plastic tape as you can see from the question I posted (I know it sounds silly ) but I was worried what if the delivery guy also experienced something similar and had the bloody plastic tape due to carrying the package and then he handed it to me. Thanks for reaching out.
"needle usage by a doctor" Seriously, do you think your doctor is dumb enough to give you a disease? You had no risks so should concentrate on the real illness, ocd.
If you had no risk, then you couldn't have HIV.  That's how it works.  I'd seek help for the mental health issue as the health issue you should work on.
@AnxiousNoMore - Thank you. But that doctor was weird, he kept hiding the syringe and he kept a safe distance while injecting so it caused my worries to skyrocket.
@GuitarRox - Thank you. I am working on my mental health and had made significant process in late July till mid of August until the 13th August incident happened.

Could you guys please answer the question regarding lymph node and the probability of the 13th August incident?
This forum is for HIV questions.  I'm not sure what you are asking if we are telling you that you couldn't get HIV from  your experience.
Here I am confused why can an IV needle transmit HIV but not random cuts that may have fresh blood on it? Also, what do swollen lymph nodes feel like, are they painful etc?
You've already been told you had no risk. Your ocd will not allow you to stop asking questions. Seek therapy.
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Are they painful?
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