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M2M - anal tease - receptive partner - was it dipping or frottage?

Dear all

Im a gay male. I engaged in protected penetrative anal sex and unprotected oral sex with the same male on August 1st and August 7th. I was the receptive partner in the pairing. The condom on both occasions did not fail (I checked). The protected sex is obviously no risk and from what I understand the oral is negligible at best.

The top is a man who has a lot of sex with multiple partners. He told me he gets checked every 8 weeks although he didn’t confirm his status with me. He advised he has in the past indulged in unprotected sex but now uses condoms. He insisted on using a condom on both occasions which I was happy with as I don’t indulge in bareback.

So I’m trying to determine whether the following was frottage or dipping during foreplay? The guy pressed / poked / prodded / grinded / thrust his unprotected penis on my moist (lube/saliva) anus multiple times simulating the penetrative act. There was a lot of lube and saliva down there, things were moist. I was obviously very relaxed and when he did so, the head of it would go into the relaxed outer splinchter of my anus (you know the pinkish skin that shows when you pucker your anus).  He didn’t go  past my inner splinchter so I never had the fullness / pain sensation one gets when a penis goes all the way in. He was well endowed so I guess I would have felt it no matter how relaxed I was. I think anyone who has had anal would know what it feels like when they have a penis all the way / half the way/ a fraction of the way in (e.g fullness sensation). When we did have penetrative sex, it was with a condom.

Now, my question is just for my own clarity and to stop myself panicking -  a scenario involving dipping requires the penis to go past the inner splinchter? Whilst what I described as happening is frottage (even if the penis goes into the relaxed outer splinchter e.g pink skin that shows when you pucker your anus)?

As I’m a sexually active adult, I’m on a regular testing schedule.

I’ve been a little under the weather (rash under arms) and congested however I can explain the cause of these easily (heat, weather, aircon) so I’m not panicking over symptoms.
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For penetrative sex, you used a condom.  Glad to hear it.  It means you did not have a risk.  If he inserted into your anus, then that is an exposure and only you can determine exactly what happened.   If he penetrated you without condom, that's a reason to test but it is a low exposure, less than 2 percent. Test with a 4th generation test at 28 days or later and expect it to be negative.  If he rubbed on you, that's not a risk.
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