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Male Rape Victim

I am a straight 22/male and I was drugged and then anally raped by an unknown person/scumbag-weirdo.  I got tested for HIV immediately the next day-negative.

I experienced headaches and swollen lymph nodes in my neck for about 3 weeks after the incident--hopefully from stress.  I did not have a soar throat at this point and no rash.  1...Can I write this off as stress?  It is now day 55 and I have had a soar throat with nasal congestion and have been coughing up phlegm for 3 days.  I had a mild fever 2 nights in a row.  2...Can I write this off as a common cold?

3...Also, on the far back of my throat, ever since I started looking like the first week after using a flashlight, I've noticed there are these bubbles of a yellowish color. I've never looked in the far back of my throat. Maybe they're filled with pus? Maybe everyone has these? Does anyone know?

At day 33 my OraQuick test came back negative. The nurse guaranteed it would because I was still in the window period. So I was able to take no relief from this and will continue to stress until the 90th day.  I also got tested for all other STD's and they came back negative at this point.

I have read the many people will produce enough antibodies by day 24.  4....How many people believe this stuff on the internet? Some people are so stubborn about this 3 and still SIX MONTH thing.  

I want to believe that at day 33 (=close enough to 5 weeks) that there is a real chance that this rapist did not infect me with HIV and that my test is very believeable.  

5.....Also, if this rapist DID have HIV, are my chances really that great that I wouldn't catch it? I heard Dr. Hunter say it's like 1 in 200--those seem like good odds--but I find them very hard to believe.  

It's been 8 weeks now. I want to go get tested and consider the test conclusive.  Or I could wait it out some more and just get it done at 12 weeks.  6......Is 12 weeks really an exaggeration by these conservative doctors?

To respond, please don't tell me I have to go get tested again at 3 months because I already know that much.
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Then what exactly is your question? are you posting a tread to vent on this sight? The symptoms are not a way to diagnose HIV...YOU Must wait until 3 months for your CONCLUSIVE negative result,...sorry but just like everyone that is the way it is
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Just looking for some consensus from people with experience.  Looking to hear from another human being who isn't necessarily a doctor to tell me I have VERY GOOD REASONS to give some faith to my 33 day negative test. Not to mention, justan, there are plenty of sites out there that say the 3 month thing is a taaaaad exaggerated.  Looking for people who can agree on that.  

Doctor's HAVE to say it. Right?  Right.
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OK, well i have read that a 2 month negative is a good sign, and a 6 week test is pretty accurate too...but not 100%, Im just tryin to help...however i do know for a FACT that a 33 day antibody test is a bit early, but it is still a good sign that you are negative at that time
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3 months will give you a conclusive negative test result.
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A negative test at 33 days is a good indicator - but you definitely still should get another test done. Best of luck and sorry you are going through this. Hang in there!
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