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I got a massage from a lady who was dressed quite seductively. She scratched my leg with her nail. And she massaged my bare back with her legs spread apart wearing only stockings. She did not have underwear on; the stockings did cover her private parts. Am I at possible risk to anything: HIV, herpres, hepatitis or anything else. There was no sexual activity. Just some aggressive rubbing on my back with legs spread apart. I am worried that something
thing got through her stockings and penetrated through my back as only the stockings were covering her vagina.I am also concerned about the scratch on my leg. She had quite a big pimple which could have been a herpes lesion. Please tell my that I am being paranoid. Am I at risk for anything? Thanks
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No hiv risk.
As for other STDs please post this concern in the proper forum as we discuss HIV here.
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