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Multiple Protected Encounters.


I'm a 28 year British Indian Male from the UK. Over 12 months I've had 15 to 20 encounters with Escorts here within the UK, always protected vaginal sex and occasional unprotected oral sex, providing and receiving.

On two occasions I have provided cunnilingus, and received anilingus. The majority of the time the women I've been participating with are generally verified workers available by appointment.

The majority of the time I ask if they are clean and test in which they inform they are. On one or two occasions I visited brothels within the city and I've forgot to ask their status but I've always used condoms for vaginal sex without any slippage to my knowledge. The backgrounds of these CSW have varied from Spanish, British, Eastern European and two of the ladies have been black (British and Dutch).

Have I placed myself at risk for HIV and STD’s?

I plan to get tested in 3 weeks for all STD's and particularly HIV, as this will be exactly 6 weeks after my last exposure. Can I expect negative results based upon my exposures?

Many thanks,

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Yes.  You should expect a negative result provided, all your penetrative vaginal / anal sex were condom protected.

Oral, giving or receiving is not a risk for HIV.

Always use condoms correctly and consistently for all vaginal / anal penetrative sex to stay away from HIV and other STIs.
Thanks Mike,

I've read that unreconginzed condom failure can occur, should I be worried about this? To my knowledge, I can't recall condom failure, but I can't be 100% sure as a few of the encounters I have been intoxicated whilst with friends in Brothels.

Your prompt response is appreciated.

Many thanks,


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If a condom fails, it is evident. The whole thing rips apart,  you would have certainly known. If you have to think again 'whether' it failed,  it probably has never failed.  
Thanks Mike,

A few more questions and clarity, I've never had anal sex with these Sex Workers, its always been protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral, generally receiving blowjobs and occasionally providing cunnilingus.

If I tested at 4 weeks with a 4th generation, p24 antigen would this be considered conclusion? Or should I wait till January 21st? At this would be 6 weeks?

A private clinic here within the UK close to my address offers a "Preliminary NAT / PCR based test which can detect the viruses 10 days after exposure with 99.8% accuracy" is this something I should consider for settle my anxiety?If so, how reassuring is this?

Thank you,

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Considering the fact that you always had protected sex,  you never had a risk.

If you are still considering an HIV test since you are sexually active. A 4th Gen HIV test at 4 weeks from the date of your last intercourse is conclusive.  You do not need to wait for 6 weeks.  

PCR RNA / DNA is not an approved diagnostic test for the general population.  Only individuals with high risk exposure with a known positive partner or a situation of questionable blood transfusion might qualify for the NAT quantitative analysis test - an RNA PCR.  The purpose of this test is for early detection and treatment, specifically.
You would be better off with a therapy session rather than taking a placebo test that you likely won't believe anymore than you aren't believing you had no risk, because your problem is not disease it is irrational fear of HIV disease.
Hello, I appreciate your comments, however, from reading the forums there is chance of unrecognized condom failure that I've read about, that is quite worrying. Also the fact my encounters are not one off, they are multiple encounters (10 to 15)

I understand oral sex is no risk for HIV but the protected encounters worry me as I can't recall 100% the condom was used correctly.

To my knowledge It's always been on my penis covering the head, I guess I don't know what is meant by "unrecognized" as a few of these encounters I've been drunk.

Yo can find anything on the internet, so if you continue to google for death you will be afraid of anything that you can think of doing, because someone on the internet will tell you that you can die from it. We don't pay attention to whatever you can find, otherwise we will be arguing all day with some strange claims.
Only the head needs protection, and that happened otherwise it would have fallen off. HIV is a fragile virus, so it is hard to catch because it only has a few comfort zones, unprotected anal or vaginal where the head is exposed. Zero risk times multiple times = zero risk, so frequency  is also irrelevant.
You are safe but if you don't want to believe that, there is nothing else to say, since HIV prevention is straightforward.
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