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My condom broke with HIV+ female, taking PEP now

Hi everyone, a month ago I had a condom break episode with a female (insertive vaginal intercouse). We promptly went to get tested afterwards and she subsequently tested positive, and I tested negative. I immediately went to get PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis - 5hrs after exposure). I recently finished my 30 day PEP course and took a rapid HIV test which was negative. I now have to wait for 3months and 6months post PEP to get conclusive results.

Has anyone ever heard of PEP failing? And has anyone ever heard of the insertive man of vaginal intercourse contracting HIV specifically after a condom breakage?

I am really anxious so any advice or words of comfort will help.
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Chances are small (although males do get it that way) that you would have got HIV even without PEP, so that is the stat I would focus on while you wait for test results.
Thank you, Is it possible to seroconvert while on PEP (i.e experience acute infection and its symptoms) or does PEP also extend this period, as it does with the window period?

The clinic told you those test dates? " I now have to wait for 3months and 6months post PEP to get conclusive results. "
Yes, the clinic told me that testing after PEP can only be conclusive 6 months after your last dose of PEP. They also said a 3 month post-PEP test is a good indicator, but not conclusive
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The two doctors who used to post in the expert forum here on MedHelp always stated that an HIV test done 3 months post last dose of PEP is conclusive. If you don't believe me then go ahead and search in the expert forum here because all of the posts they answered are still there.

Anyone who still uses the six month or later window period is uninformed and way behind in their knowledge on HIV because six months and later has been an outdated guideline since 2004. I personally wouldn't trust anyone who was still using information that is over 12 years old to treat people.
Hey guys, I had my 6 weeks-post PEP hiv test done (10 weeks since exposure) and it was negative. But 3 days later I had a bad blocked sinus and a lot of congestion in my nose. Should I be worried of my negative result changing or of ARS?
No, you should drink lots of fluids until your cold goes away. Or see your doc if your sinus is infected but don't play diagnosis doctor because you have  no training in medicine.
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