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Myalgia and arthralgia

Now my myalgia and athralgia is getting worse. My fingers, elbows, and upper arm pain is more frequent and severe after my 30 day test. I don't know what to attribute to them. The pain is clear. Also felt some neck pain. The lymph nodes on the side of my neck are enlarged and a little painful. Oral ulcer emerged...... I don't know what to think now.
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Hi there. I too am having these odd pains in my fingers and arms, armpits, legs, knee, toe pain etc. I tested at 6 weeks with a duo test in London. Been to my GP and she said it is anxiety playing tricks on my body. I'm paranoid that i have it, well beyond paranoia and every single pain i have i pick up on. I am at week 10 now and have been having leg, knee, toe, arm and armpit pain for 7 weeks and the finger pain for about 2 weeks. I am trying to keep calm and relaxed and see my test through in 2 weeks. Anxiety is terrible and i do believe it does play tricks on the body.
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thanks! - I should just hang on and wait for testing...
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