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Nasty taste in mouth

Hello, about 13 days ago i gave and received oral from another male. After the fact i got this nasty taste in my mouth that comes and goes. It probably started like after we were done i smelled this really nasty smell and we didnt like do anal at all. So now im ofcourse worried as ****. We shared each others statuses before he claimed to be negative and he was the one who initially asked. But now im just scared because i smelled this nasty smell and my uncle has aids and it smelled like how he does. Now im scared i tasted some precum but it was on the tip of my tongue and i spit it and there werent any cuts my mouth was. Is a nasty taste in the mouth seen with stuff lke this?
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Oral (Giving or Receiving) is not a HIV concern.

As an adult,  sexually only unprotected anal or vaginal penetrative sex is a HIV risk.

So no need to worry or test on this particular incident.

Move On... You do not have any HIV concern
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Go see a dentist and brush and floss your teeth regularly to avoid bad breath. You do not have an HIV problem.
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Roger that.
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