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Need Help Please Save my life


Please help me I need information about early HIV test detection and all STD tests.

I am 25 year male.  On 31st Jan 2014, I have an unprotected oral sex with a female sex worker. I never had any kind of sex in my life before that incident. I didn't know about her HIV status. I am feeling hell scared. All day and night I only thought about this, now I got headache due to this. I am feeling so scary I don't know what should I do. Please help me , let me know about these tests, their total expenses and how much time they will take to give accurate results.

Is there any cure if HIV detects on early stages please please help me I will be thankful to you. I did biggest mistake of my life Please help me.

For investigation of the case, I am writing down the complete happening of my oral sex,

My friend went first to the room, he had sex with her. Then I went to the room she is smoking the cigarette after that I kiss(lip to lip) her for about 1 to 2 mins. I lick her nipples and she suck my penis until I get semen discharge. She also rub my penis over the lining of her vagina for about 30-40 seconds max. That's all I did Please help me out please let me know what I should do .

I had gas problem due to upset stomach before that incident , but after few days of oral sex I got lose motions (I ate all three time food from hotel). Then I took flagal 400 mg and within 2 days my stomach went good. I have little hard pain in my head its may be due to unbalanced sleep b/c I thought about HIV so much. I am not helping myself , I don't know how to get rid of this thinking. I read about HIV symptoms diarrhea is one of them so now I am more confuse .
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"I am 25 year male.  On 31st Jan 2014, I have an unprotected oral sex with a female sex worker."

You never had a risk, you don't need to test for HIV .
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Hi vance , could you please tell me for my satisfaction what tests I should do for my peace of mind, b/c I really scared as hell, I need to do test please tell me about tests for early HIV detection and tell me when I should have test today is the 12th day after oral sex. Please !
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You had no risk for HIV.

STD questions post in the STD forum please.
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