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Need to see infectious disease doctor ?

After reading all the posts I am so confused and scared. I posted my lab results below from Labcorp plus my  exposures below- I asked my Dr for one more test and she is sending me to an infectious disease specialist... Can a DR, on here please advise?

I am HSV+ 40 year old hetero woman

11.17 condom broke during a one night stand
11.30 protected vaginal sex-and oral with ejaculation in mouth- no sores or cuts in my mouth
12.6 protected sex and oral for quick second- no ejaculation in mouth- no sores or cuts in my mouth


12.2.2019 Full STD screen + 4th gen.   non-reactive

1.6.2020 4th gen- reactive               Antibodies HIV 1/2 and RNA  Qualitative Reflex NEGATIVE

1.14.2020 HIV Antibody Diff.  Panel 083955                  Antibodies HIV 1/2 and RNA Qualitative  NEGATIVE
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The answers will not change from the advice offered in your first thread, including the advice to see a therapist: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/False-positive/show/3053066

You need to ask your doctor why she's sending you to an ID specialist.  None of us can guess.  You don't have HIV.
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I believe I am  HIV free too, and I'm looking to the forum for educated medical reasons from another Dr. / hopefully an IDS for an opinion or from experience as to why I would be sent to an IDS because I don't have anyone that knows about this topic to speak with. this is why I am asking, and a therapist is not a DR who can give me answers on this topic.
I reached out to my Doctor to order a final test to my mind since it would be well after 12 weeks  to take a conclusive test.
We aren't able to answer non-HIV related questions in this forum.  The purpose of this forum is only for HIV prevention and testing questions, and the people who help in this forum only answer those questions, and you do not have HIV.  There's an infectious disease forum here if you want to ask questions there, but if you ask about HIV, they'll just send you back here.  
I understand, but why in the world would my Dr. diagnose me in all my medical reports as HIV + and why would my 4th generation test come back reactive?
Do you know anything about PCR RNA testing?
In your previous thread, mike_no explained very well that you had a false positive, and why it could happen.  Your confirmatory tests were negative.   You need exactly ZERO additional HIV tests.  There is no other way to put it.
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