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Needle touched Table

Please help me.
3 months ago, I went to a hospital for my regular health test. The nurse try to draw my blood from my right arm but failed, then he put the needle on the table without capping, and tied my left arm and clean the skin, then picked up the same needle whitch has touched the table and poked into my vein. And I was not thinking of any risk at that time, but this month I suddenly remember it, and getting very nervous, because I am pregnant for 2 months now will get my blood test again next month. If the needle he put on the table contacted any blood on the table, am I have any risk of getting HIV?
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Risks for HIV are:
1) Having unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Share IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

If you never engage in those two activities with someone whose HIV status is positive or unknown to you, you will never have to worry about HIV.

No one has ever been infected in the manner you describe, and you will not be the first.
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Thanks Curfew, I will try to deal with my OCD and focus on my pregnancy.
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theres no risk whatsoever, every fear you have right now is all in your head, because in reality hiv cant be transmitted that way is not just possible, the virus is very fragile and cant survive on the environment. best wishes
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Thank you!
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