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Nerves !

Hi Guys

In february i slept with an escort (protected sex) twice. I was so paranoid that i got 2 tests done at 5 and 11 weeks post, both negative. I've been married for 5 years and this was one off. After getting the negative results i restarted normal intimacy with my wife. Now i´m worried again........ I´ve had a cold that just won´t go away, i get nights sweats ( no fever)and since yesterday i got these red patches inside my mouth ( candidiasis?). Could this be ARS. What are the chances that i tested negative at 11 weeks and still contracted the virus? Please help..... Thank u.
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you had PROTECTED sex...that what move on means.

you might be paranoid...as you state...but you do NOT have a hiv concern.
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what is that suppose to mean.... that doesn´t really help me.
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