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New symptoms after 3 months negative test

Hello and thanks for the great service you guys are provided.
My exposure was protected intercourse and unprotected cunnilingus on September 6th 2019.
I tested HIV negative 5 weeks and 13weeks (92 days) with 5th Gen test after the act, till this day that is my last sexual act.

I had many symptoms before my 13 weeks test ( 4 weeks mild sore throat that started 20 days post exposure, single swollen lymph node in posterior cervical confirmed via ultrasound, night sweats, dizziness, tingling burning sensation, Fasciculation, ulnar nerve entrapment in both arms, stye, light sensitivity etc.)

Symptoms after 92 days:
- Persistent single swollen lymph node in neck till this day.
- Body wide muscle twitching.
- Bilateral ulnar nerve entrapment.
- Dry mouth since January.
- White tongue since January.
- Leukoplakia in inner cheeks since February.
- Two white spots on lateral side of tongue.
Worm like blood in Pee and UTI sensation for one day.

I was ready to move on after the 3 months test, but with these new symptoms I’m very stressed as they are linked to HIV. I’m very scared to test again, but I know I will have to eventually, I did a CBC last month my average platelet and neutrophils count were low, they were normal in October 2019

I understand that you guys don’t think cunnilingus is a risk,but there have been cases of infection via this method and 3 days after the exposure my dentist stated I had bleeding gums. The woman tested negative after 2 weeks (13 days) of the sexual act, but she is been with many dudes in the last 3 months prior to my exposure, that was a huge mistake from me to give her an unprotected cunnilingus. She did not want to do another test, she said she tested and has a negative result and she is fine.

What do you guys think?

- I tested negative for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and -syphilis 4 weeks after the exposure.
- IGG positive for CMV and IGM negative
- IGM negative for EBV no IGG test performed for EBV yet.
- Physician diagnosed the white tongue as oral thrush, two weeks of nystatin did not help.
- ENT thinks it is leukoplakia not oral thrush and does not seem to concern since I had two negative tests, but I don’t smoke and was not taking antibiotics.

I am not on chemo, no organ transplant and was very healthy before that Exposure. The two tests were performed at the same lab. The timing of the oral symptoms really scare me.
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Please see a therapist for your HIV anxiety and keep following up with your doctor for your ailments.

As stated by other members, your were never at risk and your fears are completely irrational.

This forum is specific to HIV prevention and you don't have a concern that is relevant.
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Hi Mike thanks for your comment...
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You had no risk, as you've already been told. Furthermore, true ARS symptoms don't come and go repeatedly nor do they appear so late after exposure. Having no risk in the first place and then having random symptoms way outside the time period of when they would've started if they were real means that you do not have HIV.
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Thanks Chima7 I wasn’t worried about ARS, it is just the oral issues that got me really worried as white tongue, dry mouth and leukoplakia all link to HIV, but I am doing my best to put this behind me and I will continue to monitor my health and my symptoms.
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Sorry about the symptoms and you certainly gave a detailed account BUT you never had a risk so it wasn't necessary.  You don't get HIV from the activity you had.  Protected sex and giving oral to a woman will not expose you to HIV.  Saliva and air inactivate the virus.  Your symptoms are not related to HIV in any way.  Your negative test proved that and no, you do not need another one or to worry about HIV any more.  This is not an HIV risk.   (the only ways adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.)
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Thanks for your quick reply and comforting words. I understand your standpoint on oral sex and I am hoping you guys are right, I just want to get my life back. But here in canada they consider oral sex low risk and the CDC confirms that HIV through cunnilingus is very rare but not impossible, my possible bleeding gums could increase that risk.

I have two tests so far and tested way out of the window period which is 45 days per the CDC for a 5th generation test and numerous papers confirm false negative after 50 days with a duo test is 0%, but the symptoms are just too weird and coincidental. I am monitoring my situation with doctors and specialists to see what they think and hopefully I did not catch anything during this act.

I am praying and continue to stay hopeful...

Thanks again!
Experts agree it is zero risk.  We really can't keep telling you that.  You had zero risk, a negative test and at this point, I hope you are able to let it go because you do not have HIV,
can't keep telling you that over and over.  It's redundant and we hope you can accept it and move on.
Hi GuitarRox thank you very much, this is what I am trying to do, I am trying to move on.
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