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One-Time Exposure

I would appreciate your thoughts on the below. I believe I have a low but fair risk of contracting the virus and will get tested soon as the window is over (i.e. 28 days at most from the exposure for advanced tests).

I am a male who had an unprotected exposure with a woman. Circumstances are below:

I entered her twice, in neither case did I stay erect for more than two minutes. In total I was inside of her for 5 minutes or less.
The sex was not rough
I am circumcised
I do not have any STDs or apparent cuts etc on my penis. There was no blood on withdrawal.
I do not know for certain the HIV status of the woman
The woman was an older Caucasian
She said she had been tested the year before and had gotten a negative result
She said she had had sex with a man in Africa (an American man). The sex occurred once or, at most, a small number of times.
I do not know how long elapsed between her sex with that man and her HIV test, but from what she said it would have been between one and four months before her test.
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Apparently being circumcised reduces your chances by 50-60% as studies from Kenya and South Africa indicate.

Still get tested with a duo in 4 weeks and always use protection.
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Most people will not lie about there status. (besides it's a criminal offense if you live in the US). But unprotected sex is not zero risk for hiv. Statically odds are in your favor. It would be prudent to do a test. And i do not want to scare you but, if this was a random bar pick up. You are more likely to get hiv than having unprotected sex with a csw (because most csw's use condoms). Take care!
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To clarify, the exposure was vaginal, and she was 'on top'.
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