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Oral Sex..Get tested for peace of mind!

I performed oral sex on a couple guys about 2 years ago. Ejaculation was swallowed. Recently, I had started worrying about contracting HIV from it. I worried about it for a whole weekend straight. I had trouble eating, sleeping, and diarrehea. I read every possible bit of information on the web which did bring me some peace - but please if you're in the same situation -- go get tested!! You will feel sooooooo much better!!!! Rapid test results are available in as little as 20 minutes! My boyfriend and I got tested today and both were negative! It is such a relief to know and has brought us closer together!

If you're in the philadelphia area, CHEO is a great place to go! http://cheohealthawareness.org/ They offer the rapid test and its free and also annoynmous!! Please everyone go give yourself peace of mind! Protect yourselves! =] Good luck everyone!!! --- If you dont live around there, go to hivtest.org and find a testing site near you! You'll be glad you did!
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First of all, I must appreciate your Handle,,, it is wonderfully chosen. Performing oral sex is considered to be a relativelt riskier than receiving if ejaculation is involved.

But since probably none of your boy friend was infected, it was alright since nobody can give something he does not have.

Next time, be little bit careful while decide to go for performing oral on men you dont know thoroughly
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