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Oral risk chance


Yesterday I was giving unprotected oral to a guy. Then I had protected receptive anal. He didn't ejaculated or had precum. Although we met 4 to 5 times, we had a discussion about the risk of oral. On the cdc website risk for hiv regarding oral is extremely low. However the most riskiest is giving oral unprotected and more risk if you have sores, bleeding gums etc. I have on 2 teeth slight gingivitis, hardly noticeable. Everyone here says no risk even with mouth problems and presence or no presence of (pre)-cum. He always says he is hiv negative but his last test was from September 2019 and had other men but always protected anal he says.

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Saliva restricts transmission. Condoms are made to keep you safe from HIV when you use them correctly.

Information on CDC's website is outdated and conservative. There has been numerous studies conducted in the last 15 years to conclude oral sex is not a risk for HIV transmission. Most leading experts have time and again said the same.

You weren't at risk for transmission and do not need to test. Keep using condoms correctly and consistently to stay away from STIs.

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Thank you both
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You answered your question. " Everyone here says no risk even with mouth problems and presence or no presence of (pre)-cum. "

The advice can't change.
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