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Oral sex (Not ejaculated) and HIV Transmission

Hi, I know many people already receive and answer a lot of questions about HIV and oral sex. But I just want to ask again to make myself calm. Hopefully, someone experience will answer my question.  I had an oral sex 1 week ago (Giving and receiving Fellatio) to someone which I don't know his HIV status, I never did any kind of sex (anal or vagina). Only fellatio, and open mouth kissing. One time in my life so far. I have a very little gums problem (Already long time been there because of teeth problem, but it is not bleeding). He also did not ejaculate in my mouth. Only pre-cum. Now I really worry and scared I may be infected by HIV. Please your kindly suggest and feedback regarding my situation based on your experience. Thanks a lot
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The only adult risks for HIV are:
1) Having unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

Oral sex isn't a risk, even with gum problems or sores in the mouth.  You did not have a risk for HIV.
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Thanks for your replied, Much appreciated. So if you were me, will you do a test of HIV? Until now I am very scared and guilty, also regret of doing that. Negative thinking always come into my mind. I cannot sleep and eat well because of the fear of HIV. Sorry to tell you this, but I just need to express my feeling and get help to make my mental calmer. If you don't mind to convince me more because I believe you are an expert in this area. I am just a not knowledgeable person about this area. Thank you so much.
You had no risk, so there is no reason to test for a disease that you cannot have.

We can't help you with your guilt and anxiety, but HIV does not infect people because they have guilt and anxiety - HIV only infects people who have had one of the two risks I listed above.
Thanks for your answer and support.
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I’m experiencing the same as you and I’m trying to feel calm with these answers. I did a test on the 28th day after a oral sex and was negative. I’m waiting for 3 months to do another one just in case. But I have no life since that stupid mistake.
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Thanks for your answer, We learn from the mistake. I will not put myself in danger again. GBU
Neither of you need to test or retest.  Oral sex, as explained, is not a risk for HIV.  Saliva and air inactivate the virus.   Holding onto anxiety is not going to help you.  If you can't let it go, talk to a doctor about it as it is treatable.  But you will not get HIV from oral sex.
Thanks a lot for the support. Much appreciated. Gbu
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