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Oral sex and HIV

Hello Everyone

First of all thank you very much for your service!
I did not wanted to ask a Question first bc I « know » that my contact was safe… But I am very paranoid since 4 Weeks…
I (female) had protected sex and unprotected oral sex, I gave him a bj, I also did kinda Deepthroat.. The bj lastet about 5-10 min. No sperm was involved.
My concern is, that my lymph nodes around my neck, throat are swollen for a longer while now. I can not really say about how many weeks. Also do I have a burn sensation under my armpit/ chest. I can feel some nodes whoo hurt like hell, but I am not sure if they are L. nodes..
Can this come from anxiety? Zysts? I Never had fever.
Bc I was so paranoid I did at 4 weeks, the The 4th generation Alere™ HIV Combo Rapid Finger Prick, result in 20 min. It was neg.
In Switzerland ist conclusive in 6 weeks, and I will go on Tuesday again form my 6 Week test..
I am just paranoid bc I went to the Doctor today and he asked me if I had a risk encounter bc of my swollen glands.. And she advised me to Re-test..This freaked me out thb.
I am sorry I am really in need now, bc I did not eat and sleep for almost 3 days.. And I have to wait till Tuesday..

Thank you in advance…
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I think at some point you end up just feeding your anxiety.  You didn't have a risk.  You didn't need to test ever.  But you did and it was obviously negative and now you contemplate testing again.  Why?  That's just feeding anxiety.  If you are nervous, work on that, being nervous and anxiety.  As hiv is not at play here.  
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Hello folks

You guys helped me a lot last time.

I was forgetting about HIV and went again to the Doc bc of my still Nodes all over my body.

He seemed comcerned and said we should do another hiv test & again at 3 months..

My test at 8.5 weeks was Combo duo neg

I know you say/ a lot others Oral sex is safe sex. But some sites say it is a risk and also my Doc. Is a lil concerned and wanna rule everything out.

The other StD‘s all neg.

I am sorry bothering you again, I am alone with my fear now bc I don‘t want that my family/ friends will worry about me.

Is the risk higher if I did some deepthroat? Not a lot, maybe 3,4 times down/ up..

Thank you a lot & again I am sorry
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I'm not sure what you expect someone here to say. The advice can't change and no one here pays attention to sites that use theoretical risks that have not manifested in 40 years of hiv history.
Consider therapy because you have wasted almost 2 months worrying about something that can't happen and don't believe your test, so you aren't going to get over this fear on your own.
So you would be cool if a Doc would suggest you another HIV test? Cool that you can stay that calm.

I did Oral sex befor in my life, I never thought of HIV, that‘s why I have a shok moment. Its tiring.

I feel that people don‘t take people serious who „only had ORalsex encounter“ & I think that is not fair tbh.
Also Dr. HHH said „with respect to HIV“.

Biology is never 100%. And we we were not there at all exposures.

I guess I have just to wait again 3 weeks as recommend.
Consider therapy because you have wasted almost 2 months worrying about something that can't happen and don't believe your test, so you aren't likely to get over this fear on your own after you get another negative test.
I reread your answer and note that I missed something. "So you would be cool if a Doc would suggest you take another HIV test?"
No, if I didn't know better the first time and a doctor got me to test once that would be the end of it, after I learned it was a waste of time, plus after receiving a negative. I wouldn't even go back to a doctor that wasted my time recommending testing for oral sex.
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Lana1989, I am sorry you are so anxious.  We all knew your test and any hiv test you ever take for your episode would be negative.  Since you had no risk. Hopefully this has given you final resolution to your anxiety and you can move on.  If not, time to discuss anxiety with a health care provider.  We knew you were negative from the no risk for HIV activity of oral sex and hope you now finally believe this as well.
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You were never at risk since protected sex is safe to conclude, condoms are sufficient barrier to HIV transmission and oral is not a risk.

Your own assessment of your lymph glands being swollen is void for us, only a doctor can diagnose swollen glands. I urge you to see a doctor for your discomfort, irrespective of it, even if it is diagnosed as swollen, it will not be related to HIV since you were never at risk. Testing was not necessary.
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Thank you for all your answers/ help.

I went today again to the testing center for my 6 week Test (as they recommend in switzerland)

The Doc checked my nodes and he said they are inflamed on my upper body (right side). I should take some painkiller & relax!

HIV Test was Negative. :-) Thx again to all & a good/ safe weekend :-)
You had no risk so there is never any reason to test or update on your placebo test. It is unfortunate that you worried so much but at least you are back to your normal life and  if your glands swell in future, you will hopefully just see doc and not worry.
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A lot of people worry about oral sex but the data doesn't support this fear.  No one has ever gotten HIV in a proven, documented case in the history of HIV.  The ways that adults get HIV is from having unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Good job using a condom!  That protected you in terms of HIV.  Saliva inactivates the virus as does air.  

Lymph nodes reacting is your immune response.  Lots of things can set that off.  And it could have been a good while ago that you were fighting something.  Doctors do not diagnose HIV based on a lymph node swelling.  

You don't need to retest based on what experts in HIV say.  You never needed to test to begin with as you had no risk.  Are you freaked out in the office of your doctor so they suggest that just to give you 'something' to try to calm you?  Your negative test you already had was enough to do that, I'd think along with the knowledge that you can't get HIV from this type of encounter.  

What do you do to combat your anxiety?  Do you do any therapy?  
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Thank you very much for your answer.
My anxiety depends on how I feel, and at the moment I don't feel good at all.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Is the Rapid (20min) Finger Prick The 4th generation Alere™ HIV Combo test the same like the Combo Labor test?

I know I always use a condom. But now this Oral sex.. Especially you read different things..
I am sorry for annoying and thank you a lot for your answers.
I'm not sure what you are saying is the problem since you mention anxiety, which really seems to be your problem since you can't have  hiv. You had zero risk, as GR explained. The good news for you is hiv science is 40 years old and the researchers have proven long ago that oral is not a risk. Try to relax and move on from hiv, because there is no risk from this virus, but you had risk from Covid so that is the virus you should be worried about.

At this point in time, I would avoid encounters with people you don't live with because of the likely 100% risk of you contracting or spreading Covid (if one of you two was positive) in which case you might also spread it to your loved ones.
Since neither of you were social distancing, I hope you check out this forum for information on why you should be doing that 100% of the time today. https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Coronavirus/show/2203
Your health is your wealth, so I hope you remain healthy to be able to enjoy life. Many infected Covid patients including young people are under the misunderstanding that they have zero risk from Covid, but will discover that not all of them will be spared permanent lung and related heart issues in which case they have lost that wealth forever.
Thank you very much for your help and I try my best to move on. Happy easter to you all.
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