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Oral sex with Thai girl in Bangkok with cold sore

Hi all

Mid January  I, a man, had oral and protected vaginal sex with a woman I met on Tinder. Se was a thirty-year old woman, good job, no payingfor her, already a kid. We met two nights in a row.

I performed unprotected oral on her and she on me. I am worried about performing oral on her because I had a blister on my lips that turned out to be a cold sore. I know thay because few days later I had a second, bigger one next to it. The blister might have been a little wound. Very small but it was there, in contact with her vaginal fluids. No blood.

Except for the part that I feel guilty that I might have given her hsv1, Im worried for myself too. If she might have been hiv positive could she have past it on to me via the cold sore?

Being one month after I had a mild sore throat last week and got some diahrrea. That is over now. Now I have some mild temperature about 37,5 to 38 Celsius( 98 - 100.4 fahrenheit I guess). I feel a bit dizzy and have one swollen lymph node in my neck. Small one. This all could also be due to my very bad dry cough I have at the moment. It gives me chest aches, feels little like a light Bronchitis.

No rash or other symptoms.

Should I get tested?

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Oral sex is not a risk for HIV and you had protected vaginal sex. You had zero risk and don't require any testing.
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OK thanks...
Even not if there was no saliva on my lip and the sore was in direct contact with her fluids?
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Still no risk. HIV is only transmitted by unprotected vaginal, anal sex and by sharing of IV needles. Oral sex is theoretical/negligble risk for transmission. Large studies have been done following sero discordant couples (one person positive one negative) and they were followed by having protected intercourse and unprotected oral sex and not one of the persons from the studies became infected by the other. Not one case.

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