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Oral sex

hi all, i am a male, 42 years old, i have slept with the same CSW for at least 5 times in the last 10 days, all was protected sex (condom on all the times), i performed oral on her and afterwards i found out that i had a samll cut on my upper lip and another small cut in my mouth (on the inner lower lip) as i always bite my lips, my concern revolves around catching HIV from performing oral sex on the CSW, what is the possibility in this situation -having a cut on my upper and inner lower lips- and when should i get tested if i need to ?

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You were never at risk of contracting HIV by oral sex, cut or no cut.
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thank you very much Teak, that really helps, so no need for a test then due to the encounter i have described up in my question, right ?
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No need to test.
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thank you man, appreciate your prompt replies
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You're welcome.
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