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Painful lymph nodes

It's been a while since my last exposure (6 months ago, proteted) after that I've been engaged in an intercourse where no sexual contacts occured, all I did was rubbing my penis against her vagina.

Ok, i've been having a painful sensation when i touched my armpit. There's no visible lump, but i felt it about the size of a dime ( non visible) it is painful to touch and i have no idea what's going on. Does this suggest swollen lymh nodes? Can someone help me describe what a swollen lymph nodes felt likein hiv patience? The characteristics of it and is it viaible through the eye. Mine's not visible but very painful to touch (happens only at one side of my armpit)

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HIV is not your issue. You had no risk.
If you get swollen nodes they happen all over the body and are not painful.
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Im just curious, if you get swollen lymph nodes (all over the body) what does it look and feels like?

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They look very large and feel like a large lump like in the neck, groin, armpit. But you would not just get swollen nodes.
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