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Peace of mind- Please help.

While reading this posts, everyone claims that your finger has to be "cut off" or gushing blood (or something along those lines) to be considered an open wound for HIV to transfer into. I've read most of the scratching/cut posts involving HIV.
But when reading other material on the web, most sites claim that it can go into cuts that you cannot see, any opening in the skin(even if you are not bleeding), and that you DON'T have to see blood to be infected...
I really need opinions on this. I have to wait 2 more months before I get tested, and I need some peace of mind.
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I read this as well as your initial post. You did not have an exposure to HIV. Period.

If you think this person had HIV and was deliberately trying to infect you, try and explain to yourself how exactly he would be able to get infected blood into your bloodstream via a handshake. It's just not feasible in the way you described. HIV infection just doesn't happen that way. Never, EVER, in the history of the HIV epidemic has a person been infected by shaking someone's hand. And no matter how unique you think your example might be, it really isn't.

The regular posters in this forum are here to help people by assessing their risk of infection. They truly do have their hands full. Since you DID NOT have a risk of infection, you'll be disappointed if you keep asking questions about this incident. If this isn't enough reassurance for you, please consider talking to a professional about your irrational fear of HIV infection. Be well.

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If anyone else has an opinion/comment about this post or my last one, please share. It's greatly appreciated.
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That's understandable.
I just have a feeling that the person maliciously gave me the scrape on my hand that scratched off skin. Handshakes are normally injury free and aren't very complicated to give, which is why the whole ordeal has made me anxious and regretful to the point where I feel sick all the time.
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If it was really what you have read shouldn't most of the world have HIV by now?

You need a very open, very bleeding cut for a possible risk. Common cuts start to heal very quickly and cut do not provide a path to the blood stream which is what is needed when you talk about blood transmitting HIV.
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