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Pep and effecacy

Hi doctors, I had an encounter with trans sex worker, I was  insertive, circumcised, used lubricant, she said she was - ve but I donot believe, since there was no condum and I ejaculated inside I called std clinic to get pep I got med called taffic after 10 hours from exposure, I am afraid of late symptoms and unsure if this risk is high or not but I really regret this and need your advice
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The question was if she will test after 28 days with a duo then you won't have to worry anymore. Otherwise you still have to wait for 28 days before you can test.
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Can you ask the other person to test with a duo after 28 days? If negative then you will know that you are also.
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She said she was - ve  but I she was trans woman and sex worker which made me not believing her also I asked for a condom and she skipped this part and used lubricant, her answer when I asked her about hiv was I donot have it and you know even now there is a treatment that makes people live the same, these sentences worried me to because she is reckless
Do you see the risk high, I am circumcised, and insertive during this anal intercorse, I donot have herpes or open sores but mustakenly ejaculated.
I am on pep been 11 days till now
As AnxiousNoMore stated, if she can test, then you will know she is negative.

Otherwise, you will need to wait 28 days after your last dose of PEP to test with a 4th-generation (DUO) test.  If it is an antibody-only test, you need to wait until 90 days after your last dose of PEP.
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"I am afraid of late symptoms " I'm not sure what you are referring to here. Your encounter was only 4 days ago.
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I mean afraid of pep symptoms and also afraid of any symptoms that might arise that can make me worry more of being infected
We aren't able to assist you with the worry, or whatever symptoms you might have, or think you have.  We can only tell you when to test after finishing PEP.  We don't provide anxiety support.
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What date did the event occur?
What date did you start PEP?
What day did you end PEP, or what day will you end PEP?
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The event was Saturday the 19th 2am, I took pep after 10 hours of the event and still taking it every day same time, will end after 30 days, not sure if taffic is powerfull or not and really afraid of hiv infection too
19th of this Feb was the event
I have never heard of taffic.  Maybe you could find a link to information about it.  It sounds like a brand name, but I don't know what is in it.
It's approved in India for treatment of hiv.  
Thanks, ANM.  Not sure why I couldn't find that info!

Taffic has the standard drug combination used worldwide in PEP for the prevention of HIV seroconversion.  There isn't any advice that can be given other than to take PEP to completion, and then test at the appropriate time (depending on what test is available) to confirm HIV status.
So was pep the right step thanks alot
PEP is a personal choice.  If it seems like the right option for you, that is a decision to be made between you and your doctor.  
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Adding the type of sex was anal, I was insertive
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When was the encounter? Are you still taking taffic?
Yes still and it was on the 19th of Feb
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