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Please Help I need to Know what i could possibly have!

Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my story and i hope you guys can help me out. So this past weekend last saturday night to be exact i went to mexicali, mexico to celebrate my birthday. So i went with a couple of friends to a strip club. I was drunk and my friends got me a private dance with a stripper, she was a really big girl and she gave me oral sex unprotected  and we also kissed a few times. I didnt have sex with her i am positive of that. I also sucked on her breast for maybe 20 secs at the most. She had underwear on and was i guess you can say she was grinding on my penis. I left the place very drunk and with no money in my pocket. I regret that event so much i dont know what i was thinking it was only this first time. I have only had sex two times and all have been protected. So the  following sunday i was feeling normal but of course regreting what i did. On tuesday i got like the flu with a fever and a cough that was just came when i was crying of my stupidity. I been having a tingle feeling in the tip of my penis and the constant need to urinate, at times only a little urin would come out. I threw up yesterday when i had finish eating cereal. Also on Tuesday i saw a red sorta rash on my inside foreskin i had masturbated the night before i showered and it hasnt been back. I have been very stressed and anxious about what i can possibly have. And also yesterday i had this pain in the back of my neck it was just there like a swollen lymph node, my uncle said it was just because im so stressed and anxious it went away already. I still have flu like symptoms and i dont really eat much  because i dont really get hungry. I have cried so much about it. I try to think about other things but those thoughts dont go away and looking at all the symptoms of the possible diseases i might have doesnt help at all. I havent been sick in about 4-5months. I hope its just me getting sick. Its saturday morning and im still stressed and anxious. Today i woke up with flu symptoms still and  my tonsels are kind of big with no pain. Please help me and tell me what could i possibly have and also how to get rid of all the stress and anxiety and all these thoughts in my head. My uncle is going to get me a doctors appointment soon. I hope i dont have anything serious. Thank you all for time and please help!!!
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Ignore JohnSan reply. At no time did you have a risk.
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teaks right oral sex does not transmit hiv.
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Thank you all for the reassurance. I am just over reacting. All this anxiety and stressing isnt good for me. Im going to the doctor anyway its been awhile since my last checkup. Thanks once again
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You're welcome.
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