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Please help - Paralyzed with fear after unprotected fellatio

I had an episode of unprotected fellatio 6 monthses ago, the lady performed it on me for 10 minutes until completion.
I didn't notice any blood so I thought I was in the clear.

I thought it was low risk for HIV but after 5 days from the episode I got fever, chills and lightheadedness.
I took paracetamol and the fever was gone the next morning so I didn't pay too much attention to the episode.

However now 6 months later I developed oral thrush: my tongue has a white film and it's has a burning feeling on the sides.

Putting these things together I am just so afraid of being the unlucky case who gets HIV from oral.
My questions are: how likely it is to have ARS after 5 days? How likely it is to have oral thrush after 6 months of contracting HIV?

I need help, I can't sleep thinking about this.

Thanks in advance.
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No one has ever acquired HIV from receiving oral sex. I am certain you will not be the first one. Your symptoms are not relevant to this event and you should work with your doctor to determine the actual non-HIV reason for your problems.

The only sexually transmitted risk for HIV is unprotected anal or vaginal sex. Nothing else of a sexual contact results in HIV infection.
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Thanks for chiming in (no pun intended).

Does that change if there was a lot of saliva involved and i am not circumcised? (more saliva, more virus I guess).

I just can't explain the symptoms... I haven't had a fever in years and suddenly 5 days after a fellatio I get one with chills like a malaria-type fever.

Can ARS happen after 5 days?
Saliva contains digestive enzymes which inhibit and inactivate the virus, which is another reason why is not a risk.

Since you were never exposed to HIV, your symptoms are irrelevant and there's nothing more to say about them. If you aren't feeling well then go see a doctor. But it's definitely not HIV because you had no risk.
Thank you. I will try to move on.
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For reference I also contacted the lady and she told me she gets tested and she is "clean".
I am really hoping that this oral thrush has another explanation :(
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Obviously it has nothing to do with HIV because you were never exposed in the first place.
You have no reason to worry about HIV, the pharse is HIV free .
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Thanks everyone.
One more question if I am allowed: although the fellatio was not rough at all and I didn't see any blood, I could feel my glans rubbing the roof of her mouth during the act.
Does that change anything?
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Doesn't change anything. You still had no risk. If the knowledge that no one in the 40 plus year history of HIV has ever been infected by oral sex isn't enough to convince you then I don't know what else to tell you. It's as if you want to have a risk, which is weird and doesn't make any sense. Sorry to say, there's nothing you can add that would make this a risk.
No no I am not trying to find a risk at any cost, I just wanted to cover all the possible scenarios.
Thanks for your answers.
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