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Please help me out as I am freaking out. Went to the massage parlour the other day

Was just about to get a massage however the woman offered a body to body massage and took all her clothes off. I put my penis between her thigh by lying on top of her for about 5-10 seconds and freaked out and checked if I was close to her vagina but saw that her vagina was way up but she was very wet and secreating a lot of juices. Then she lay down next to me and gave me a hickey and gave me a handjob. No oral etc happened.
This was 2 weeks ago. 6 days ago I develop a cough for 2 days and feel fatigued and after 2 days I develop a high fever and kind of the worst flu that I ever had. My nose is blocked and I got a Covid test which came back negative. I start taking the prescribed meds and unfortunately my night sweats are soaking my entire bed.

1) I don't have any rashes or swollen lymph nodes however are my symptoms typical to the ARS? I also have a lot of phlegm. Is phlegm common to ARS? My fever isn't going away

My other questions are -
2) I made sure that there was no penetration but could there have been inadvertent penetration? Her vagina was way above the thighs

3) I rubbed her ***** and saw that she was wet. Could the juices from her vagina have transferred the virus if I touched my penis?
I am confused as to how hiv is transferred. I heard that if the vaginal secretions come in contact with the penis opening then hiv can be transferred. This could've happened as maybe her juices went down to her thighs. What is the mucus membrane of the penis and how can the virus be transmitted through the membrane?

4) do the ARS symptoms also accompany other things? I don't have swollen lymph nodes or rashes. Are my symptoms pointing me in the direction of a flu? What about the sweats?

Lastly, can I get hiv from a hickey. The hickey caused no skin damage
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Questions 1 - 4 > No.

You were told the only 3 hiv risks before, so reread since the science can't change. HIV prevention is straightforward since there are only 3, none of which you did, so it is purposeless for you to come up with dozens of questions.

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Thank you. However can you please tell me why hiv can't be transmitted from vaginal secretions through the opening of the penis? Also is phlegm common in ars?
Also one last question. Could there have been inadvertent penetration? I didn't feel anything
It just isn't transmitted that way.  For sexual transmission to occur, a penis must be in a vagina or anus, unprotected.   You would have known if you penetrated her.  She probably would have freaked out if you penetrated her, since that was not the service she offered.

No comment on ARS symptoms, since you clearly had no risk for HIV and therefore, you do not have ARS.
It is not necessary for anyone to understand the science (at a researcher's level of understanding) that there are only 3 ways to get hiv for you to be able to be safe.
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