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Please help

I had unprotected sex with a co-worker I know dumb decision we had a lengthy session she said she was clean ( she's was going through invtro to try and have a kid ) but I tend to over think a thing and now I'm confused it was my first time.

Since that time I been having tingling/ little pins and needles feeling all over my body ( mostly on left side of my body ), no flu-like symptoms may be a little sore throat extra sensitive skin I have been pooping more no rashes headaches my left leg hurts at the back of the knee.

1) How soon can I get tested via rapid HIV test

2) are the symptoms HIV related or sound more stress related?

3) how high is the transmission rate for HIV via sex
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1) You can have a test at 4 weeks, if it is an 4th gen DUO TEST (P24 and antibodies). it would give you a 95% accuracy, then at 6 weeks and finally at 12 weeks, some guidelines say 6 weeks is conclusive, other say 12... it's up to you. but... if you want some reassuring, some say that a duo test at 18-22 days it's a good indicator of posible outcome(70-80% accuracy). you can take it there for keeping your nerves calmed, altough it's not conclusive
2)Your symptoms doesn't ressemble ARS at all, and even so. HIV can not be diagnosed with symptomps, you have to get tested. Next time, if you think you were at big risk of getting HIV, ( because you live in a place or region of high risk population, or something else), you can seek for PEP at an emergency room of a hospital, if you are within 72 hours post exposure. the the best recommedation is between 2 to 24 hours.
3) for vaginal sex is 1 out to 2500, according CDC guidelines, so its considered a medium risk compared to anal sex. source: https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/estimates/riskbehaviors.html
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Just wait for 28 because testing early can't prove anything so you won't feel any less anxious from a test that can't prove. Or ask her if she has been tested recently.
PEP has serious potential side effects so I wouldn't consider it.
She said she is clean but i want to be sure since its my first time
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Agree to test at 28 days with a Duo 4th generation test for accurate and final result.  PEP is NOT necessary for most one time exposures. Especially with a coworker that is most likely not HIV positive and a low risk partner.  
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So do you mean that a negative result after 28 days is conclusive ?
Yes if you use a duo test.
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