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Possibility of getting HIV&Effectiveness of Complera

I have just had sex with one Vietnamese sex worker in a week ago. We had unprotected oral sex, and protected vaginal sex, which I believe there is no leakage or tear on my condom.
Being paranoid and regret after my behavior, I went to local medical institution, and request for PEP treatment (25 hours after my initial exposure).

However, I have my first two days Complera (PEP tablet) WITHOUT taking any meal in advance, and that really makes me wondering weather my PEP treatment would fail or not.

My question is:
Would my sex exposure to HIV consider risky or not?
Would my whole PEP treatment consider as failure, because I take Complera with my stomach empty in the first 2 days. ( I only realized my mistake after the third day, and start took Complera with meal, which is already 73 hours after the initial exposure)
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Pep, as others have stated was completely unnecessary and to be honest, irresponsible for your doctors to give you.  We can't help you much with that kind of over reaction.  I'd talk to your doctor and stop PEP. You don't need it.  You had no risk for acquiring HIV from oral sex and protected sex. Saliva and air inactivate the virus.  ONLY unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles transmits the virus in adults.  That it was your choice to take a toxic medication like PEP for no reason is indicative of an anxiety issue.  Talk to your doctor about your anxiety.  
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I'm very curious. How do these doctors prescribe PEP, even though the sex process was protected.
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Well, in my home country, we recognized any unprotected sex behavior involving with sex workers are risky, and patient can choose to decides weather to purchase PEP prescription without financial aids from national health care or not.

I know the risk of oral sex, especially being the insertive part, is low. This, however, could not ease my concerns because there are still chances. So I choose to go for PEP,
and forgot to have any meals before taking my PEP (Complera) in my first 2 days of PEP process.
If you insist on taking it then make sure you read about all of the many side effects that can occur. It's not like an aspirin. It has the potential for serious, life altering side effects that are not worth risking. Which is why normal doctors who know what they're doing will not prescribe it unless their patient had an actual true risk with someone who is confirmed HIV positive.
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Protected sex is not a risk.
Oral sex īss not a risk.
You should not have been prescribed PEP for this no risk scenario.
Therefore none of your questions are relevant.
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