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Possible Condom Rupture? Pls Help

I had protected sex with an escort seven weeks ago. Everything went normally except for the final seconds around ejaculating, and this really concerned me: Basically when the girl moved her body from me (cowgirl sex), I realized that the semen/cum was not in the reservoir. However, my penis head was indeed covered, and it doesn't look abnormal other than no semen in the reservoir, at least from my angle. I couldn't fully take a look at it cuz I was lying on the bed. Then, when the girl removed the condom and held the base of it, I caught a glimpse of it, and it seemed like the semen/cum went back to the condom tip. I also saw both transparent and milky fluid outside the condom. I don't know if that's her juice or mine.

So, here are my questions:

1. Is there a potential problem (rupture/small tear/etc) with this condom?
2. Is there a potential HIV transmission risk and do I need to get check now?
3. Not HIV specific, but why's my cum/semen not in the reservoir after ejaculating?

Thank you so much!!
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As long as your penis head was covered, you had no risk.  That's the important thing.  Condoms work.  And if they break, you know it.  Pin holes and what have you do not happen.  Small tears are not what occurs, they split wide open.  You do not need to test if the head of your penis was covered.
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Thanks! And the "semen not in reservoir" issue is not related to breakage and shouldn't be a concern right? Also, I'm only sure that my penis head is half covered, cuz I was lying on the bed that night and from my angle I couldn't see the whole thing. That's not a problem right? Thank you again!
Right.  You weren't exposed to someone else's body fluid at the head of your penis, so you didn't have a risk.
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