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Possible HIV Seroconversion

4 weeks ago had unprotected sex with my ex girlfriend. A week late started to fill discomfort at my penis but with no sores or rash. Went to clinic and was administered doxycycline and the pain subsidy. At 4 weeks started feeling tingling toes as if they are pins and needles. Researched and came across Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) as a sign of seroconversion but without any other symptoms. My ex girlfriend is arguably saying she had a test and came negative but she used to have unprotected sex with her boyfriend. How often is Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) associated with seroconversion.
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You only have 2 options. Get a duo or wait for 12 weeks for any test. Best to stop googling cold turkey and avoid thinking about it until then because nothing you read or think will affect the test.
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The test guidelines exist because of scientific principles, so if you can't get access to a duo, you will be wasting your time testing early with a different one. Try not to worry while you wait for 12 weeks and avoid googling because there is nothing there that can provide any answer for your status.
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Why don't you test her as I mentioned earlier? If negative there is just a small window that you have to worry about and if she has not had unprotected during it then she is conclusively neg.
She is refusing to get tested saying she is negative. I asked her about her last sexual encounter whether she used protection or not and she didnt use protection.
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You are plainly being told to take a test.  Worrying about symptoms and GBS is not helpful to you.  HIV is never diagnosed through symptoms or guessing that something going on with you is related to HIV.  That's not how it works.  It is ONLY diagnosed by a test.  If it has been a month, that means you can take a Duo 4th generation test which is conclusive from day 28 on.  However, the things to keep in mind is that a single vaginal sex exposure is extremely LOW risk, around 1 percent at best.  It also wasn't a high risk person as your ex girlfriend.  So, the odds say you will most certainly be negative. Quit analyzing symptoms and just take a test.
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Thank you, it wasnt a single vaginal sex but we did it all night. Thus my greatest worry.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4894156/    and


These are links to GBS and early infection
It's low risk, she's not an unknown person but an ex girlfriend.  Has it been a month? If so, go get tested with a 4th generation Duo test and be done with it. There is nothing at all else anyone can say to you here but to go do the test.  I personally wouldn't be worried.  I'm sure it would have come up if she was HIV positive since she's your ex girlfriend.  Test but don't worry.  I will bet my right arm it will be negative.
Those links prove nothing so no one here will read them and you shouldn't be wasting your time either. As I said before, only a test can prove anything and you should have tested when I told you so you could stop worrying instead of looking for new info that can't prove anything.
Thanks Guitar and AnxiousNoMore, your help is much appreciated. The only challenge 4th Generation Duo test in Africa are bit expensive and cant afford. If i take an ordinary test at 30 days and results came negative, are they any changes for the results to change to positive at 12 weeks.  
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Late seroconversion is an old myth. Docs can't diagnose hiv from symptoms so no one here pays attention to whatever symptoms people post here that they think they have and you shouldn't either.
"My ex girlfriend is arguably saying she had a test " Arguably? Not sure what you meant.
A duo test is conclusive after 4 weeks and any other after 12. It s best if both people test before starting an unprotected sex relationship - do that if there is a next time. If she had tested past the window of her last unprotected with her ex, then  you should forget about hiv. If not then ask her to test now.
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Was it unprotected oral, anal or vaginal?
I just noticed you said EX-girlfriend. If you had vaginal or anal you can take a duo now for a conclusive result.
It was unprotected vaginal sex. Is Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) associated with seroconversion because i havent experienced it before.
Take a duo now since it is over 28 days or wait 8 more weeks and take any test for a conclusive result. This is not a biology class and symptoms are not used by hiv doctors to diagnose because only a test can provide answers, so no purpose in wondering about GB theories. You don't even have a GB diagnosis so see doc if you want an evaluation for that.
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