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Possible HIV infection - Due to frottage and possible penetration

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this site and I realized that everyone here in this forum are very knowledgeable and also helpful when it comes to issues and questions regarding HIV. I am afraid that I could possibly be infected due to my exposure as I am experiencing some of the symptoms right now. I have looked for similar cases in this forum and I did but it wasn't almost the same.

So here is my situation. I am a gay men (I am usually the bottom) and the person who I had s*x with is bisexual. On Wednesday, June 4, 2014. I met up with a friend I knew for a while and he then forced himself on me in the showers. He performed frottage (it was pretty rough) on me (his pen** is rubbing my a*us) and at some point I do feel a pressure on my anu* and he could possibly have penetrated me but even if he did it was brief (I did not feel as pain as I normally do maybe because he had performed anal oral sex on me and also fingered me). I then forced him to stop and he put a condom on and tried again but he failed as I was too tight. He then ejaculated on my back.

After the event, I asked him if he had been tested and he did reply me but in a very vague way and therefore I asked him again and he got angry. So therefore I believe that he had something to hide and had ignored me ever since. I have called and asked for opinions to start on PEP and I was offered by all of them and saying it was a LOW risk. The doctors/ health practitioners said I was at risk of infection but they would not recommend me taking PEP but it will be offered to me if I wanted to take it. I refused as the side effects could be very damaging and listening that it is a LOW risk and also after reading other articles on this forum I decided not to take them.

Fast forward to the future, it is almost a week now after I was potentially infected and I had been experiencing fever, swollen lymph nodes on the neck, occasional headache, muscle ache, and I have ulcers in my mouth. Could this possibly mean that I am infected? When should I get tested? I am scheduled for HIV testing 3 weeks from today at a rapid testing centre.

Please and thank you.
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There is no such thing as possible penetration.
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So if you remove that from the equation, I am not at risk right? Could you reconfirm me?
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You never had an exposure.
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Thank you so much for your prompt response!  
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